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Jun 30, 2011 11:00pm PDT
parents preparing for an emotional independence day. their daughter, rebecca, is in afghanistan, deployed in may, she had to leave her husband and 6-month-old baby anthony behind in colorado. >> she knew as a new mom that she would have to leave her baby behind. >> reporter: it's a difficult situation. communication with her is spotty at best. >> i haven't heard from her in two weeks. >> reporter: but they are counting their blessings. >> we were lucky enough that our son-in-law brice didn't have to deploy to iraq. he was supposed to deploy this past september, so he is currently home taking care of our grandson. >> reporter: as they face what could be a difficult fourth of july, people in town are lifting them up. >> we're here basically to acknowledge them, to say thank you. maybe it's because they never did it for our guys way back in the '60s. >> reporter: mike is with operation yellow ribbon, organizing care package deliveries and compiling a list of local soldiers away from home this holiday season. the names will be read and family also be honored on the fourth. >> everything the t
Jul 1, 2011 6:00am PDT
to afghanistan in may. she had to leave her 6-month-old son home with her husband in colorado they raised rebecca in los gatos. they are trying to honor them on the fourth of july. >> we're here basically to acknowledge them, to just say thank you. maybe it's because they never did it for our guys way back in the 60s. >> everything that the towns people are doing for us, it's a good thing and not only our daughter but all of the troops should be celebrated. >> operation yellow ribbon of los gatos is compiling a list of soldiers away from home. the names will be read and families honored on the fourth around noon at the high school lawn. you made to the friday. doesn't that feel good. tgif, christina. >> yes. we always honor all of our service men and women in this great country. lucky to be a woman in america. high pressure is in control of our weather pattern. we're going to see compression. we're noticing that fog settling in along the golden gate bridge. right now it's still above the highway. we'll let you know what that changes. nice and clear, we don't have high cloud cover to worry about.
Jul 9, 2011 5:00am PDT
tony phillipson just found out that his son, james, who died in afghanistan in 2006 may have had not only his cell phone tapped into by the news of the world, but also his e-mail. >> they hacked into a dead soldier. this is despicable. what else can you say? what on earth do they think they're going to find. >> in the words of the prime minister, people trust the police to protect them, politicians to represent them, and the press to inform them. and, he says, the british public has been failed by all three. and, amy, this storiens to spread, to spread to the united states where one of the most senior executives now runs dow jones in new york but used to run this operation and possibly to spread to other newspapers. it's no exaggeration to say it threatens british tabloid journalism as we know it. >>> thanks for the latest. time now with a check of your weekend weather with bill karins out on the plaza for us. good morning, bill? >>> good morning, amy. we wait our whole lives for certain things. you waited your whole life to do what? >> to come to new york city. >> and who's this
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3